The Great Leaf Hunt

I have to bring a leaf to Show & Tell at my school, St. Nicholas Academy tomorrow. So I rode my bike around the neighborhood with my dad. He walked. I saw some pretty neat things along the way.

I saw these pretty little purple “blossoms” (as I called them) above as I was peddling along Ohio Avenue. Anyone have any idea what they are? My daddy says they’re a type of weed.

After passing the Chicken on the Run, we turned onto Lansdowne Avenue and I saw the two flowering plants above that I made sure daddy photographed for me. I saw the pretty flowers below and wanted a picture of them too. I thought the turtle was very cute. Can you spot the turtle?

Daddy saw the big pile of leaves below on his drive home from work. He knew I needed a leaf for Show & Tell. So we came over to check them out. Daddy thinks the tree is a type of Maple. Can you tell from the leaf below?

After we turned and headed back up Lansdowne for home we saw a couple bumble bees resting on a prickly flowering plant of some sort. Can you see the one little guy there?

A little further along Lansdowne I was really struggling, peddling my bike up hill until I saw the bright red leaves on the tree below. Can anyone tell me and daddy what type of tree has these leaves? It’s a bit smaller than the yellow leaf.

We saw the pretty little flowers below everywhere along the sidewalks up and down the streets of Deer Park and Silverton. I call them “daisies” but daddy says they’re not. Do you know what they are?

Finally, my pre-school friend Marissa has a tall tree in her backyard with giant leaves. Here’s a picture of the tree and one of its leaves. I’ve chosen this one to take in for Show & Tell. We think it is either a Catalpa or a Redbud tree. Do you think I made a good choice?

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